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In England and Wales for a wedding to be legally recognised the ceremony needs to be conducted in a licensed and registered venue by a registered registrar.

However, if you want to have your wedding at a venue that is not a licensed wedding venue or if you want to have a more personalised ceremony than the registrar conducted ceremonies are able to offer, then you can opt to have your ceremony conducted by a Celebrant.

In England and Wales a Celebrant led wedding is not legally recognised, meaning couples opting to have their ceremony conducted by a Celebrant often have to have their legal ceremony conducted at their local Registry Office before or after their wedding day. Kelly Garrick Celebrants can assist with guidance around the legalities.

As the law stands in England & Wales a celebrant cannot carry out the legal aspect of your marriage.

It’s a simple appointment, with 2 witnesses when you register your marriage, repeating the legally required vows, and signing the register – in a similar way you would register a birth or a death for example. People register a birth then decide if they would like to have a religious ceremony like a baptism or a baby naming and again people register a death then decide if they would like to have a religious funeral or a celebrant led ceremony.

There is no legal requirement to exchange your personal vows or your rings – save these for your celebrant-led celebration wedding with your loved ones.