Baby Naming

So you have a new baby? The most wonderful event in life can be symbolically recognised by a baby naming ceremony.

Parents, grandparents, and siblings can be involved in this joyous occasion. Guide parents & mentors can be appointed by the parents to hold a special place in the life of the new baby.

Make Your Baby Naming the most Special day

Combining a birthday party and a Naming or Blessing ceremony can work very well, and during the Ceremony, you may choose to include a poem, inspirational readings, a ritual, or speech, or just a few positive words or actions, to add or enhance significance.

Naming ceremonies involve the important people in your child’s life and development.
There is an opportunity to invite other adults to play a strong and supportive role in your child’s life and development.

Certificates are presented to parents and other special people as a record of the occasion.

Though naming ceremonies are not a ‘Christening’ into a specific religious faith, spiritual or religious significance can be included within limitation and do not prevent the child from participating in any other future denominational or religious ceremony.

Whilst the Naming Ceremony and accompanying documents don’t have any legal status, they are a wonderful welcoming celebration and family record.

Ideas to help commemorate this special day

This is a detailed, full colour, laminated certificate. The child’s name is displayed at the top of the certificate, along with the origin and meaning of the name.

A collage of baby photos of all the special people in the child’s life’.

Make or hire an Instagram frame or Photobooth and create a box of fun dress-up, each guest’s fun photo can be uploaded to a page that the child and family will be able to look back to remember the fun and love

Frame a photo of your child with a large enough border for people to write on it. It becomes a beautiful reminder of the day and something you can hang in their room or the house.

Guests help plant a tree and as they place dirt into the ground, they say a word/s expressing their wish for the child. Guests can all plant a seed or small plant making a colourful garden that will grow and evolve with the child

• Write a poem for your child to be read at the ceremony.

Many families like to give their ceremony an added symbolism or significance.

A Sand Ceremony is especially significant if you grew up near, or met on a beach but can symbolise your union and the blending of a mixed family.

The family members and extended family members, each pour different coloured sand into a glass creating either a unique pattern or a completed blending, and so symbolising the merging of many parts into one beautiful blend. Chrystal or pebbles can be used to create more vibrant colours.

All can take turns to pour coloured sand or crystals into a glass ‘unity’ bottle, jar, vase, glass ornament or hollowed photo frames.
Each colour represents aspects of the lives of the family, and the sand-filled vase becomes a symbol of a new life together, never being able to be separated again.

Guests write their wishes & dreams for the child on a note, orthey each write a letter, and place it into a wishing-well for the parents to read and keep for the child who can read them in years to come.

Shower with rose petals. Each guest could write their name on a petal which can be dried and framed into a collage

For guests to sign creating a permanent or playful memento of the day, and guests who attended.

Cards can be given out individually or with party favours, or  can be mailed out a couple of weeks after the ceremony to thank your guests for giving of themselves in being part of your child’s special day. Hand-made cards always have a personal significance and can include a photo of your child.

Can contain personal messages, cards, personal letters, gifts, coins, medals, crystals, newspapers or clippings, photos or small items of special significance. It can be any item that will symbolise different positive wishes of love, peace, hope, learning or your wishes and dreams for the child.  The capsule/box can be sealed and stored or even buried but is usually presented to the child when they turn 16, 18 or 21; or  It can be prominently displayed as a constant reminder of the love shared on the special day.

A prominent candle is lit from other candles and so unifying a flame, and in so doing, symbolises the unification of families, friends, hearts, loves or lives i.e. making all into one.

If the ceremony is outdoors, the Unity Candle can be housed in a lantern or vase to protect it from the wind but if indoors can still be housed in a vase or lantern or be placed on a pedestal, to accentuate the flame. It can be the larger of other candles, or can be higher, central candle; just so long as it is prominent. The first smaller candles or tapers may be lit by grandparents or family members and handed to the parents who bring the flames together.

Another option is where all of the family or all guests are also given a candle each, and after the first candle is lit, the flame is passed along until all candles are alight, and then the parents together light their unity candle to symbolise that it is the unity of not just family, but of friends who are supporting the family.
Once the Unity Candle is lit, the others may be extinguished to symbolise the family’s lives are forever as one, or  be left to surround the larger candle to show they remain individuals but are stronger and brighter together.

If you have a candle from earlier in life such as from your Baptism or Naming Ceremony, you may wish to use that for the occasion or you may wish to have a new ornamental candle personalised with your names and the date, as a keepsake.

The guest all ritually encircles the family in support. 

Just as a wedding ring is a circle that represents the unbroken or never-ending circle of commitment a couple makes when marrying, a family or love circle symbolises the never-ending love of the child and family.

It also represents a new unity, and a blessing by nature and so can also symbolise fertility.

In Hawaiian weddings, the family members, and families, exchange leis, which represent the love and respect held for the other and the family unity.

All guests can be recorded expressing their wishes or thoughts and the recording can be replayed at special events in the child’s life such as birthdays, graduations, marriage, etc.

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