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Whether you’ve chosen your wedding spot to be a luxurious outdoor wedding, a barn wedding or an affordable wedding we can work with you to make it happen.

Make Your Wedding Ceremony the most Special day

Celebrant led ceremonies have become immensely popular, whether to assist venues and couples in the absence of registrar availability or to have a ceremony in a place that usually would have restrictions such as outdoor spaces.

A celebrant ceremony is unique and personal without time constraints, allowing the ceremony to use any indoor or outdoor venue, you can hold your ceremony in your own back garden, a barn, a beach, or a woodland with no restrictions.

As the law stands in England and Wales a Celebrant led wedding is not legally recognised, meaning couples opting to have their ceremony conducted by a Celebrant must have their legal marriage conducted at their local Registry Office before or after their wedding day.

A basic legal marriage ceremony is approximately £50 at the local registry office.

It’s an appointment, with 2 witnesses when you register your marriage, repeating the legally required vows, and signing the register – in a similar way you would register a birth or a death for example.

There is no legal requirement to exchange your personal vows or your rings – save these for your celebrant-led celebration wedding with your loved ones.

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What You get

We know words don’t come easy when you have to describe the love you feel, weddings are a time to celebrate that love, the beauty that it represents in those spoken words.

We know weddings are about vows of love and spending a lifetime together, seeing the happiness on everyone’s face, uniting families and having all your friends beside you wishing you all the best.

With experience comes consistency.

Let our years of experience and knowledge of the industry help guide you through the ceremony with ease and grace.

"When someone else’s happiness is your happiness, that is love"

—Lana Del Ray

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