To be matched with your one true love.

Styled Shoot Became Real Renewal of Vows – Highbury Football Stadium Fleetwood
To truly love and be loved isn’t that what we all want isn’t that what makes us human?

Have we got something fun to share with matchday weddings for football fans everywhere!
To be matched with your one true love. I am a local girl and promoting my new business of celebrant-led weddings.

I wanted to collaborate with Fleetwood Town Football Club to keep love local when you’re matched with your one true love.

For those football fans we all love match day so why not celebrate your wedding day into a day you love where the match takes place. I arranged a meeting with the club and took along some flyers with the words “I vow to always love you even during the football season” and discussed the possibility of holding weddings on Highbury football pitch.

The venue jumped at the chance to create something special and agreed to hold a styled wedding shoot.
To my delight I immediately started reminiscing about the surreal atmosphere in Highbury stadium, the experience is unforgettable, and your wedding day is an unforgettable experience. With excitement, I called upon all my creative professional vendor friends the Images were captured by Ashley Barnard the Blackpool Photographer with concept by Kelly Garrick, styling by Emma Coppock Bespoke Weddings and Events, and the collaboration of a fabulous creative team. We were spoilt for choice with the event spaces.

With the famous football pitch as the stage, we also showcased the Parkside Lounge for the romantic wedding breakfast and evening design with a panoramic view over the pitch. This lounge is modern, spacious and has a state-of-the-art colour changing ceiling. We had the option to showcase Jim’s Bar with a huge bar, multiple TV screens, and holds up to 250 guests that would be perfect for any occasion but ideal for a themed private wedding party and there was more choice with the Red & Whites intimate lounge.
This would be perfect for creating a romantic wedding celebration holding up to 50 guests. Any of these spaces can be transformed into whatever a couple dreams of their wedding day.

I wanted to showcase the fact when you have found your match, love happens anywhere even at a football stadium. We deserve the fairy-tale, from the moment you meet your match nothing will be the same again.
Having led hundreds of weddings during my career, I have seen first-hand that imagination can be a reality, I vowed to showcase that romantic weddings and football can be teamed together.

As I was wrapping up all the last-minute details for the shoot, our groom model Darren called me one night and asked if I had a few minutes to chat through an idea he had.
He wanted to surprise his wife onsite and renew their wedding vows at the shoot! I was so psyched and LOVED the idea. I, of course, ran it by all the vendors and the venue prior to giving him the green light. Everyone was so excited and loved the idea.
We decided upon a handfasting. The couple’s hands were tied together with ribbons symbolizing the binding of their lives together, the vows they renewed to one another, and the union of their hopes and dreams.
We chose the club colours, the black ribbon symbolized pure love, wisdom, success, and strength. The red ribbon symbolized passion, love, courage and health and the white ribbon symbolized peace, truth, and devotion.
The vows were chosen “As we face the world together, I promise to stand by your side as a lover, companion, and your best friend. I will always remember that the best thing to hold onto in life is each other.
I promise to share burdens and stresses because we are stronger together, were one team, one Spedding squad dream”
The exchange of rings that Darren chose to say to his wife of 16years
“This ring is the seal, that I am yours and you are mine forever. It is a sign that my love for you will never end, this ring was made for you, and you were made for me”
The huge giant display board in the stadium displayed a huge heart with the words “I still love you” Mr & Mrs Spedding
To be matched with your one true love.
To truly love and be loved isn’t that what we all want isn’t that what makes us human?

Bouquet & Button – Sonje Jones Design Team
Hair – Salon K
Photographer – Ashley Barnard Wedding & Portrait Photographer
Videographer – Ken Willan
Dress Poulton Bridal Lounge
Venue styling – Emma Coppock Bespoke Weddings & Events
Makeup – Ceri Johnson
Celebrant – Kelly Garrick Celebrants
Venue – Highbury Football Stadium
Fleetwood Groom Suit – Moss Bros
Fleetwood Groom – Darren Spedding
Bride – Leanne Spedding


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